GMIST Floor Atomiser


Pair Gmist with this special floor atomiser for space sanitising!

Spray volume (Standard): 350ml

Spray volume (Maximum): 380ml

Measurement: H 67cm x W 16cm x D 16cm

Weight: 2.2kg

Water tank volume: 7.6L

Targeted cover area: 60msq

Voltage: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 30w

Water fill method: from the top

Color: White x Champagne

Timer: 1 – 12 Hours setting

Intermittent mode: 1 min/ 4 mins/ 6 mins/ 9 mins rest/ 1 min operation

Humidity sensor: settings available for every 5%, once humidity reaches the machine will stop

Continuous mode: intensity level Low/ Medium/ High

Clean mode: 10 mins/ 20 mins/ 30 mins/ 60mins