G-MIST Spray 300ml


HOCl is proven to kill germs quickly, and reduces to water after use. It is mild but effective. G-MIST can be sprayed directly onto children’s or pets' toys. It is food grade safe so you may spray on cutting boards or cutlery.

Please spray in bedrooms, living and dining areas, bathrooms and kitchens. The product is alcohol, fragrance and preservatives free.

Kill Germs – Kill up to 99.999% of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Remove Odours – Decompose VOCs and eliminate smells from tobacco smoke, rubbish, animal waste products and mold etc.

Decompose allergens – Decompose and reduce allergens originating from pollen, dust mites and their excretion.

Gentle to skin – pH5.0-6.5 and free of alcohol, fragrance and preservatives

Safe and Harmless – Contain HOCl, which reduce to water after use and do not create secondary pollution.

Direction of use: Spray directly to surfaces, or to the air.

Made in Japan